Find the Perfect Paws for Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

By April 30, 2017 No Comments

Each year an estimated 6.5 million dogs and cats enter shelters across the United States. Approximately 1.5 million never have a chance at finding a home and are sadly euthanized. While both of these numbers are on the decline, communities can do more by skipping the pet stores or traditional breeders and adopt. With unique adoption models like Atlanta’s first cat cafe, Java Cats, it’s easier than ever to meet and greet these sweet furbabies.

In honor of National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day, we’ve highlighted four animals who have been in shelters longer than we would like but make great companions.


Boulder is an Akita mix in search of a good home for three years. Nobody loves life more than our buddy Boulder. He eats it up, then burps it out with a smile. Boulder is a crazy-friendly full-throttle dog. If you want an athletic dog up for adventure, Boulder is your guy. He needs quite a bit of exercise and would be a good fit with a dog savvy owner willing to teach him the ropes of being a great companion.

Boulder’s adoption fee has been paid by an anonymous donor. If you are interested in providing a home for Boulder, head to PAWS Atlanta to meet him and fill out adoption papers.

Bagley is a sweet attention-seeker who has been looking for a home for nearly a year and a half. She is a confident explorer and people pleaser who would do best living the bachelorette lifestyle. She loves to lay in your lap or soak up some sunshine from the front window of Second Life.

If you’re interested in giving Bagley a forever home, you can visit her at Second Life. Adoption is through PAWS Atlanta. Email Shelter Manager, Laura McKelvey, or call PAWS Atlanta at (770)593-1155 for details.


Katy is an OG kitty of Java Cats Cafe who is still on the hunt for a home. She’s a rescue from PAWS Atlanta who enjoys running the JCC cat room. You might hear her discontent from time to time but she loves to rub up against your legs and receive scratches behind her ears. She’s best suited as the one and only kitty in your heart and home.

Interested in adopting Katy? Drop into Java Cats and you may see her drop out of the sky from one of the many climbing posts. You can make a reservation at Java Cats here

Mama Turnip is a long-time kitty of PAWS Atlanta who now hangs around in the corners of Java Cats Cafe. She doesn’t take flack from any of the other cats and would be suitable with a family that doesn’t have other furbuds. She is curious to know what you’re doing, especially when you’re trying to snap the perfect shot of her or one of the other kitties.

Interested in adopting Mama Turnip? Come on over to Java Cats for some great coffee and pay her a visit. You can make a reservation at Java Cats here